The magic of experiencing music when a brand new A.R.Rahman (Sir) soundtrack releases

I think it’s needless to write anything further if you have read the title of this blogpost. PS2 (Ponniyin Selvan 2 soundtrack) released early this morning. Mins before I played the soundtrack, I had this nostalgic moment of rituals of listening to the CD’s back in the days.

The hardcore fans will know what I am talking about. It’s always been a novelty to play a brand new soundtrack for the first time as soon as it releases. Back in the days, I remember going to Music World & Planet M stores on Brigade Rd (Bangalore) with excitement to buy the CD’s. I wouldn’t play the soundtrack at the music posts inside the store where you can experience new releases. It was just simply because, I would want to hear it first in my own headphones and I need to be in my own zone.

I vividly remember my ritual of listening to Lagaan back in the days, this was probably the last time I went to the Music store to buy the CDs before my journey for good to Australia to pursue my Masters.

I returned home with the CD in shrink wrap! The experience of opening the plastic (whilst ensure that the box or the CD is not damaged), then reading the credits patiently word by word and then opening the inlay card from the CD which would usually be like a booklet with stills of the movie, I would hope to see still of ARR Sir in those inlay cards.

It’s funny when I think about it now that the musician’s names that I would read on the credits on the CDs have all been on the I ♥️ ARR Podcast. It has been nothing but magical & also blessed to have interacted with them all to rekindle the memories. And Of course ARR Sir himself on the Podcast is a blessing that I could never explain.

Coming back to my ritual, once I have gone through the credits etc, taking the CD out and playing it on my Sony Discman (I remember being head over heels to get my Dad to buy this one back in the days, it was so expensive then, Thanks Dad for buying it for me even though it was like close to 5K back in the days).

The first sound that you hear when the soundtrack plays, magic starts right from that moment. I remember closing my eyes with the headphones on, the soundtrack started of with Ghanan Ghanan, it was just magic. I didn’t want to get out of that track, I kept playing it again again for a few hours! Such is the magic of ARR Sir’s music. The next track was Mitwa, I went crazy right of the bat with the crystal clear vocals. This got me dancing. Every single track had a magic of its own. I am sure every ARR fan can relate to the magic.

PS2 released this morning. I always look forward to listening anything new super early in the morning (I am usually up by 4AM every single day), what I listen to early in the morning, sets me up for the day.

It’s the same exact novelty experience like any other soundtrack. Every single track in PS2 (and PS1 Of course) is magic. It’s just amazing to see how the Carnatic ragas have been woven together.

The way the soundtrack ends with Khatija’s version of Chinnajiru is so beautiful.

We are in an era of everything short form (reels, shorts etc), Possibly because we consume them on a daily basis, and repeated viewing / listening of those short versions are registered in our minds quickly. Don’t compare this with the gems within the soundtracks. The gems within PS2 have been crafted so very well. It might take a little bit to grow on you, but it will eventually get there to a point where you will not be able take the tune off your heads.

Some of the little handy tips that could help you experience better:

  • Choose the right time of the day to listen to a new soundtrack / song. This does matter. Imagine you play a song whilst you are incredibly busy / stressed at work, you may not be able to appreciate some of the intricacies of the track and that will make you judgemental
  • It’s like a meditative experience, when you listen to music, it needs to transport you to a certain world so that you appreciate it better and it will eventually heal you
  • Go for a drive (Choose a destination / route that has less traffic), play ARR Sir’s music. You will be able to hear some of the sounds / treats that have been planted by Sir and his team for the fans to identify and enjoy
  • Play music in a good pair of headphones, definitely don’t play the tracks at least for the first time from the Phone speakers directly. I personally (always) prefer to play any new song / soundtrack on the headphones first, which takes me to the infinite loop zone and then eventually the track gets played on the car stereo and the HomePods / Sonos at home
  • Magic happens slowly for some of the tracks. Be patient.
  • Sir and his team spend days and nights working on it. Every single little sound has had a lot of work (I am sure you would heard this from the Engineers on the I ♥️ ARR Podcast)

I would like to Thank ARR Sir and his Team for all the hardwork (working every day and night) especially close to the release. It’s not an easy task to lose sleep for days and work. One needs to be super crazy and passionate to be doing what they do. Thank you & Grateful 🙂

One needs to be in a certain state of mind / zone to experience the magic of ARR Sir’s music. Magic happens only if you believe in it.

stay hungry stay foolish

We all ♥️ ARR

2 responses to “The magic of experiencing music when a brand new A.R.Rahman (Sir) soundtrack releases”

  1. I can relate to each and every thing you expressed Brother!!
    Thanks for refreshing memories like Rituals of opening of cassettes and CD’s …
    Keep sharing♥️
    We ♥️ARR


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