I❤️ARR – The journey

 His music creates magic in my life. Something happens to me when his music plays

 When did it all begin?

This is going back right from the Roja days when I was back in school. One of my friends in the school once said to me, “hey Chander, you need to listen to the music from a movie called Roja”. He even gave me the audio cassette and let me borrow it.

I went back home and played it, should I mention I was totally blown away right from the very first chord. Something happened right from the very first sound. I have never been able to explain what it was since then.

I was addicted to the soundtrack, it just went in an infinite loop.

I would be one of the first to get the soundtrack of any new release. I still remember going to a music store on Brigade Road (Bangalore) called Music World, I would just blindly buy the Compact Discs (expensive back then), I wanted to ensure that even the tiniest sound in the soundtrack shouldn’t be missed out and I wanted “lossless quality” then.

This continued for years and years and I had his entire Discography in compact discs in India. I would never be bored of listening to his music.

 His music takes me to a world that I have never explored before. Be it in my high or low moments, it’s always ARR’s music. AR has had a huge impact in my life.

ARR’s music has had a huge impact in my life. I have adored all his interviews. I have always wondered how someone could be so grounded after achieving such heights.

I would watch some of his interviews repeatedly to get a better understanding of the spiritual reasoning behind some of the responses.

I have been to a number of his concerts. My first ever concert was in Bangalore around 2003/2004? When I was coincidentally in my hometown for a visit then. I “managed” to get a ticket and it was super behind. I could barely see a minuscule version of ARR on stage. I still remember that it was pouring that night and none of the fans left the venue. After 3 hours of continuous rain, the concert started,and it was just magical. It was barely on for about an hour or so. AR apologised and thanked the fans for the love and support at the end. This blew me off right there.

It was in 2012/2013? I had the opportunity to watch AR again and this time it was in Sydney. I travelled all the way there to see the Maestro. The concert was nothing but magic. Interestingly enough, just before performing the “Khwaja mere Khwaja” song, AR said that it’s a prayer and it might bring showers and if it does he’s sorry. There was no forecast for a rain that day in Sydney. It started pouring while that song was being performed. Isn’t this a great sign of miracle? How music can change everything!

 I bought the most expensive tickets. When it comes to AR, it’s a priceless experience for me.

 AR had announced that he was going to perform in Australia in 2017. This was a dream come true opportunity for me. I wanted to ensure that I was right in the front no matter what. I went ahead and bought the most expensive ticket. I still however made it only in the 10th row from the front.

It was magic once again. Right from the start to the end of the concert. I tried very hard to meet the Maestro but I was unsuccessful. I wanted to meet him no matter what but all my attempts failed. I consoled myself to have witnessed one of the most amazing concerts and went back home.

Two months after the concert in Melbourne, I travelled to India. Once again, I was going to make every effort to try and meet the idol no matter what.

It was a dream come true opportunity for me. I finally got to meet the Maestro.

 The Magical moment when I met the Maestro. It was a dream come true moment. Words cannot express.

I finally got to meet the Maestro in India at his hotel. I mentioned to him that I had traveled all the way from Melbourne to see him. He smiled. This was just unbelievable for me.This is the man I have been drowned in his music for over 25 years and adored him to the highest level and finally getting to meet him.

I got to meet the ARR again the same evening. We took another pic. The magical moment has been over the world. He asked me to meet him after the concert again :).

 When everything changed yet again forever this time.

The dream car tribute to ARR

Love from all the ARR fans blew me away

 I have always had a dream own a BMW Z4. I have patiently waited for it until BMW started to manufacture it again in 2019.

I was one of the first to put a deposit almost an year before on a car which wasn’t even released by BMW.

Melbourne BMW has been fantastic in helping me get the car I wanted.

I knew I wanted to cherish the car and make it really special. I decided to pay by tribute to the Maestro by having his name on the car.

I wanted to to show my respect to the man who has had an positive impact on me almost everyday with his music.

The response from the Maestro on Instagram and Twitter took the world by storm.

I never imagined this to happen. The interviews, featured on news channels and 1000s of ARR fans wanting to connect has been an unforgettable experience.

I am humbled by the love showered by all the fellow ARR fans who have connected with me

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Blessed to be connected with some of the most amazing humans.

Srinivas who is one of the top singers in India and also ARR’s most favorite singer / friend accepted my very small gesture to wear the Tshirt I designed with a lot of love to the Maestro. This is an unforgettable moment for me.

Feel free to connect. Let’s make this world a better place.Whilst we drown in the magic of ARR’s music. Join the I❤️ARR Community

I believe that whatever comes at a particular time is a blessing from God A.R.Rahman

4 responses to “I❤️ARR – The journey”

  1. Amazing Chander sir hope this journey which you started goes till infinity…
    And a kind request to you sir please release sir’s podcast.. it’s high time now🙏🙏and thankyou for this podcast and I ❤️ARR family blessed to be a part of it
    May God bless you


  2. Amazing Chander sir hope this journey which you started goes till infinity…
    And a kind request to you sir please release sir’s podcast.. it’s high time now🙏🙏and thankyou for this amazing blog and yes also the podcast and I ❤️ARR family blessed to be a part of it
    May God bless you


  3. Dear Chander, I cant believe how much our craziness match!

    That 2003/2004 Concert is also the very first time i saw ARR Sir.. I was also in the farthest category of tickets.. But as it started to rain heavily, some of us got to go really close to the stage during performance and i was one among them.. that felt like a blessed moment!

    Since then i attended 2 of his concerts in Toronto and i can never get enough of him and his music. I came across your podcasts a couple of days ago and i have been watching one after another since then.

    Yet again, we are soo similar in listening to every single layer of his music and enjoying it. Hopefully someday we will meet and talk endlessy about all the layers that is ARR’s Magic! Good luck with everything you do 🙂


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