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Rahmanism & me

The first song I fell madly in love with was Oorvasi Oorvasi from Kaadhalan. 

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Yes I am a maniac, a Rahmaniac and I thank god for it. 


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I am hopeful

I am hopeful, I’ll go back AGAIN one day and bring my dream to life.


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All I want is music

What do I want in my life? Money? No! All I wanted in my life was music


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A.R.Rahman North America Tour

LA – Yet another debrief! If you ask any ARR fan, ‘what is the ultimate wish of your life?’ The answer would be – ‘I want to meet ARR once.’ That being imaginary for most of the fans, there is nobody who wants to miss the opportunity of seeing him perform live. Once, my wife […]

A.R.Rahman North America Tour

Seattle The day finally arrived! The whole week before the concert, and the wait right before the concert was filled with so many lists I had generated.. I began the countdown almost a month before the concert, something I hadn’t even done when I got married—I was so excited to see A R Rahman in […]

A.R.Rahman North America Tour

LA – Hollywood Bowl 30 years and counting but one man continues to create magical music , inspire us and will never forget his matter of fact line at the Oscars – “All my life , had the choice of love and hate , I chose love and am here” As soon as the news […]

A.R.Rahman North America Tour Series

Oakland A-R-R, A-R-R!, the Oakland Arena roared Shrinidhi “A-R-R, A-R-R!”, the Oakland Arena roared when the maestro stepped into the spotlight, being his absolute humble self. He gives a coy smile, the lights go out, and with a flash he becomes this beast of a performer and he alongside AR Ameen, Jonita, Rakshita and Haricharan […]


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