Well being during interesting times

At such times of dread and anxiety, maintaining one’s well-being and mental health is very interesting and challenging at times.

Vidhya Bala

With a lot of questions to be answered, uncertainty of what happens next, there is always room for unwanted and mind cluttering thoughts.

There are few things which I do to maintain my well-being and sanity. So, I thought some of my ideas could inspire someone or help someone in such tough times.

Well-being to me is having good mental health, satisfaction of life and stress management. In a nut-shell it means feeling well and satisfied.

There are few types of Well-Being

• Emotional Well-Being. This is to maintain one’s emotions and channelize the emotions towards good feelings. This requires stress-management techniques as well. I personally listen to Music to maintain my emotional well-being. For me, AR Rahman sir’s music is a therapy. Whatever roller coaster ride, I go through in my life, there is an answer for me in his Music. I do meditation for 30 mins for maintaining my stress levels.

My emotions are well connected and interlinked with his music. Whenever I feel low, music is my only rescue. On a low day, I shut myself out with my music until I feel much better. Singing and dancing plays a vital role in it.
To top it up, I love playing with my kids for that special vibe and precious moments.

• Physical Well-Being – I am not a fitness freak or into rigorous routine to stay in Size Zero. But I believe in clean and healthy eating. I maintain my physical fitness with avoiding junks, cutting down on sugar, proportion eating, cutting down on carbs and processed food. I practice yoga and walking for at least 30 mins everyday

There was a phase where my sugar levels in my blood went for a havoc. I maintained it well with my diet control. I took a lot of vegetables and controlled portion of fruits, pulses and a minimal intake of rice (it being my staple)

• Social Well-Being. The ability to communicate, develop meaningful relationships with others, and maintain a support network that helps you overcome loneliness. I believe in empathy and sympathy. Being good to someone doesn’t cost me much, I love to put myself in anyone’s shoes to understand their point of view before reacting. I am a strong believer of Karma. There are times I feel low and I have got wonderful family and friends to make me feel better. If they can do it to me, why can’t I do it for anyone. Respecting and treating everyone with love and respect would not only make others feel good but that righteousness I feel after that is beyond explanation. There is vulnerability in everyone and we don’t know what the battle anyone has in their life, being kind, spreading love and happiness can only change this world, into a beautiful place

Few tips I follow to maintain my mental sanity check at such times as follows

  • Music Music Music
  1. Music can heal, it can soothe, it can make you feel secured.
  2. Listening to music helps you feel lighter be it devotional or inspirational or feel good ones
  3. Music comes first on my saviour list
  • Following my passion and Interests
  1. I love cooking, singing and dancing. 
  2. If you have any passion or hobby please, do pursue in such times. Be it cooking or doing some artworks or gardening. Do that one simple thing that make yourself happy and feel that purpose and make yourself proud of doing it
  • Eating healthy
  1. I have cut down on sugar, rice, carbonated drinks
  2. I follow portion controls with platter full of pressure baked veggies with minimal portion of legumes and salads
  3. I try not to eat any solids after 9 pm. 
  4. Water is elixir of life- Drinking loads and loads of water not only keeps you hydrated but also helps anyone a healthy.
  • Being kind to one another
  1. I love to touch people lives with happiness and hope. 
  2. I love passing compliments. That one simple sentence of mine making someone happy, makes me happy too
  3. I talk to my friends and family and I strongly believe them as my strong support system. When you are low, please find that one person who makes you feel better and lent their shoulders in your ups and downs
  4. When I get angry or upset, I vent out. Angry is an emotion too, I write it out and tear the paper into pieces. I feel much better after that.
  5. During pandemic, I follow social distancing and personal hygiene. I believe in being responsible human to avoid the spread 
  • Whatever health tips and diet advice you get, make sure you do it with professional help

What worked for me don’t necessarily work for you.
Stay happy, stay healthy