FIRDAUS Studio Series – Part 1

Dubai has a new pilgrimage. FIRDAUS Studio by A.R.Rahman

Firdaus is the Heaven on earth. Every minute spent here, I felt like it’s aura is liberating my soul and elevating my energy. 

Yes, I had the privilege of touring the Firdaus Studio – envisioned by A.R.Rahman; turned into reality by Aditya Modi ! Thank you so much, Sir. Absolute honor to walk around this dreamy, state of art technology and know the journey straight from Aditya. 

Special thanks to this confident & proud host, who gave a warm welcome, shared amazing insights & details about the facility, addressed our curiosity patiently and played cool tracks in Dolby Atmos! 

The 6 months of DubaiExpo2020 had me click numerous selfies at the Studio entrance, which is permitted to enter on appointment only. And now, absolutely marveled about how much has been fit into this small space! 

I’m in love with the scoring room! The first thing you would notice is the tall ceiling & it’s acoustic properties. These wooden ceiling and floors, synthetic walls!  Do you want to do Film scoring? Grand Choir? Record Live play?  Movie premiere, documentary, dubbing or even record multi-piece Symphony orchestra. You don’t have to worry about the instruments, space, lights, camera & of-course sound. Everything perfectly wired for your needs. In fact the Studio has a cafeteria, prayer rooms, working space & cool lounge facility for those long extended shoots.

The unique factor about Firdaus is it’s FLEXIBILITY. You can customize it into a private gig with seated audience or open up to fit in an entire choir or compartmentalize into multiple recording booths and choose to isolate sound. This space is designed to accommodate wide range of ideas with regards to shooting high quality videos as well. Perfect lighting, camera angle & props. Best infrastructure to tickle your creativity. You just walk in with your idea, we will bring it to reality and help present it to the world. 

Hats off to each and every agency and team member, today Firdaus is capable of hosting a sound wonderland. Oh! We were lucky to meet Eva Reistad, the talented music producer who mixed and mastered the most successful live show in the DubaiExpo2020 ‘Why? The Musical’ She was so thrilled when we appreciated her work.

What amazed me is that these technicians spend pretty much whole day at work, eat alone silently, so that they can relax their ears. Despite these sacrifices, what drives them is their passion. I understood the pre-requisite to be in Rahman sir’s team is love for your job and passion for your craft.

Rahman sir practices what he preaches. I think, this is why Firdaus is what it is, despite various challenges – may it be space constraint or timelines or budgets. Choose love over hatred. Look at the positives.

Icing on the cake, Aditya was kind enough to play ‘Dance of the Atoms’ in Dolby Atmos and the brand new Moopilla Thamizhe Thaaye! Music is the last magic left in this world. Like the little Ehan Bhat in 99 Songs standing flabbergasted by the music played, we were transported to a different world. What amazing sound system. Like a child would show his new toys, Aditya was thrilled to describe this customized hybrid console, the pro-tools and fantastic 360 degree sound experience that it created!

I have to thank Navneet, the amazing engineer with Aditya who is well versed with this and files! On his click, we experienced one of the finest sounds I have ever heard! What better site than watching Thalaivar on screen in this magnificent pose! Love you so much Rahman sir! Oh ! Navneet gracefully volunteered to record our excitement while we were enjoying this wholesome track. If you want to know what hearing sound through your legs is, Dolby Atmos is the answer. As I stepped out of this room, I questioned have we explored all our senses? God has created such a dynamic body & mind that experiences like these fill in so much gratitude to the almighty.

Now I know what divinity is. Rahman sir’s space is known for it’s vibe. You have to come here to feel it. I am so blessed to experience it.

Thank you so much Chander for this initiative. Forever grateful for making this happen.  

Shruthi I❤️ARR Community

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  1. Wow! So beautiful reading these blogs. Absolutely enjoyed going through everyone’s experience of visiting the Firdaus Studio 🥰 Thank you so much for sharing !


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