99 Podcasts | The Tribute

If you are half-heartedly doing something and you don’t give enough time, it’s not worth it. You don’t even think about sustenance, nothing and then go and do it. Become a Master of it people will come following you. That’s the truth


Love is the purest form of emotion which can only be given and shared. As ARR sir rightly stated love for music and spirituality are both the same thing, the more you start getting into it; it becomes you. His music is always loved, his path is adored, his principles are respected and his preaches are always practiced. Listening to his music is a blessing to ears, watching him is divinity to eyes, his whole-heated and innocent smile make us happy, his words inspire us, his achievements make us hold our fist and motivates to achieve more, his lite-hearted one liners make us laugh out loud again and again. ARR sir has become part of our lives.

There is one crazy fan, who would never miss an opportunity to attend any of his concerts and is always up to travel across oceans

There is one crazy fan, who would never miss an opportunity to attend any of his concerts and is always up to travel across oceans and seas, just to experience the musical magic the of the Mozart. The unconditional love for sir has given him such unforgettable memories with sir and his associates, which ultimately ended up in friendship. He framed all these beautiful memories and placed them in the room dedicated only for beloved sir and hence naming it “The ARR room”.

His dream car, his bicycle, his water bottles, his jumpers and even his corona masks have “ARR” printed on it. That’s how people address him as “The ARR guy”. Isn’t he crazy? His lovely companion, his buddy dog named Happy too has his own playlist and nods for the sir’s songs. Well, who do you think trained it? If you are wondering who this person is, then he is the biggest and greatest fan of AR Rahman sir (even suggested by Google, shared by Facebook in 2017. While, he works only for Microsoft and loves Apple which is no more a secret now) MR. Chander R.

99 Podcasts – The Tribute

In the movie”99 songs” which was written and produced by ARR, the protagonist creates “99 “bits to express his feelings for his love-interest. On the same note, Chander has created “99” podcasts as a tribute to his Messiah.

In the podcasts, the singers and musicians have sung his glory, shared their unique experience of recording without music for a change and getting mesmerized by the end result of the song, exploring other linguistics, waiting for his call in the lounge outside an falling asleep ,singing late nights by becoming night owls and wondering if it was their voice which was so meticulously ornamented , enjoying hot south Indian breakfasts every morning and realizing they were sharing the space with the One and only ARR.

While his technical team and his directors have always wondered how someone can be so persistent in his skill without compromising on the quality, proficiency and yet delivering such soulful music with a million-dollar smile. His aura of peace and patience has always energized them. Inspired them to do better, be more creative. They stated that he is not a man of words but a man of musical notes. His work spoke for himself.

The guests have poured their heart out. They have become a part of this beautiful journey and have boarded with great ease only to credit and thank this great human for everything that they are now. Remembering, revisiting, and relishing their very own memories has brought fans together and turned them into a huge ARR community which has become a second home for everyone.

100s of hours of hard work and single handedly doing the whole series

It’s amazing that Chander has created this amazing series with 100s of hours from his personal time (whilst working full time in his IT job during the day and working on this journey by the night) and has had 107 guests (and counting). It’s amazing to see his integrity, honesty, dedication and above all, love for Sir. Doing this journey single handedly with no support and no returns whatsoever is commendable. I remember Chander saying that, this journey has had a lot of sleepless nights to make it happen and a lot of personal life sacrifices. Sir has appreciated his journey, what more do we want!

The I❤️ARR Community created by Chander

The I❤️ARR Community created by Chander has become the fans wake up call, discussion panel for sir’s work, a platform to share and express our love for sir, educating each other about many unknown facts of sir’s work, the technical aspects, enlightening everyone with new sounds (like “ting”) in the songs which we would have heard a million times, get excited about it, research about it and thus becoming mini musical scientists. We are people from different cultures, regions, time zones and here we are all together as we believe in his words: The treasure of unity is found by those who look within- (Farishton by AR Rahman)

As sir always mentions if your intention is right everything would happen by itself. Thanks a lot Chander for this beautiful tribute that you have paid to sir and making us a part of it. Thank you for this pure intention you have which led you to reach this pinnacle. May your 2.0 journey reach greater heights.


Sai Kavya I❤️ARR Community
99 Podcasts

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