The best Podcast in my I❤️ARR journey

I have to admit this is the one of the best rather the best Podcast I have done in my Podcast journey.

Thank you Rajiv. It really meant the world for me that I got to speak with someone I have adored and have had a lot of respect for.


One of the guys I have always adored for various reasons, passion, conviction, full of life, crisp & clear, & smile. Yes, that’s Rajiv Menon. I have been extremely lucky to have the amazing Rajiv Menon in the I❤️ARR journey.

To be honest, I was a little nervous at the start of the Podcast. You might see me sweating at the start of the Podcast when it releases. It’s only because of the respect I have for Rajiv. This happened with ARR Sir too. And never happened for any of the other 64 guests.

I learnt so many things from Rajiv during his Podcast. For me the #1 thing is to follow the heart

I learnt so many things from Rajiv during his Podcast. For me the #1 thing is to follow the heart. He described so many examples and the stories that reassured about it. I have been following my heart in most Instances in the life path I am on. But I do feel that I definitely will need to rethink about a few aspects where I can do better. Classic example is to go ahead and compose & sing a song that you believed in. Kadavullum Naanum is such a soulfully sung and beautifully composed track.

For me this song is pure magic. The magic of Rajiv’s voice in it. He has soulfully sung it. I really wish to see Rajiv to sing more and more. I have been very fortunate that Rajiv sung so many songs in the Podcast. I was just blown away.

2: Being Passionate about what we do.

#2: Being Passionate about what we do. This is a major takeaway for me from the Podcast. The way Rajiv described a number of things and the conviction he had. I was just mind blown. I still remember watching the “making video” of Sarvam Thaalam Mayyam. His interaction with ARR and Karky was the one the things that had registered in my head for a long time. The conviction on what he wants. And to get the best out the Maestro.

I have to confess that I keep going back to the music videos from his movies time and again to appreciate the way you have shot it. I have always wondered about how you would have conceptualized it. It’s sheer genius’s craft. Please take a bow Rajiv.

3: Be Grounded.

#3: Be Grounded. Rajiv gave me 2.5 hours of his precious time. This is above and beyond what I would have imagined. He had no air whatsoever. These days, people with even a little bit so called fame change overnight which I am sure we all would have seen in the walks of our lives.

You have basically reassured (yes once again)to me that to be a human first, treat others well and stay grounded.

Just as a classic example, I have had massive learnings from this I❤️ARR Podcast journey. I feel very blessed to have been in this journey for a number of reasons. 1. Learn (just anything). 2. Embrace the process 3. Apply the learnings 4. Get inspired 5. Don’t judge. 6. Integrity.

#4: Move on to the next one.

The conversations in the Podcast have been magical. We spoke about various aspects from Rajiv’s journey. The best is not letting success get to the head. His movies have been career highlight / defining for some. It’s remarkable Rajiv remains humble.

I have never been excited / buzzed so much in positivity in the entire I❤️ARR Podcast journey as much I do now and I did after ARR Sir’s Podcast as well so much so that I decided to express it in words and this is the first time I am expressing myself to someone after the Podcast. I really wanted to share how I feel to everyone.

Thank you Rajiv. I am very grateful for your support.
Lots of love.


The Podcast releases on January 14th (Pongal). I just cannot wait for everyone to watch it.

In the Podcast. You will also get to see two of Rajiv’s hardcore fans Saran & Sammi joining for a conversation.

Stay Hungry, stay foolish


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