Guidelines.. what!?! ..Yep!

The community guidelines is definitely one of the most important topics

The I❤️ARR Community that we have today is one of the most magical things that has evolved.

There were no plans to create one. It organically created itself as part of the I❤️ARR Podcast journey. There were loads and loads of love from the ARR fans being showered as they got to hear about the Podcast which was totally dedicated to the Maestro.

I was on my own on this whole journey when I started the Podcast. It forced me to learn about things that I had not imagined of doing, such as having a conversation with a celebrated singer / musician, learning how to record a Podcast, a steep learning curve to edit and then to broadcast. The list probably doesn’t end there..

I started to get the love from Sir’s fans as they heard about the Podcast.

I decided to take all the fans along with me on this journey.

I still remember one of the guys telling me, It was probably Deepak from our community “Bro, start a whatsapp group, I will join yours”. My response was, “No man, I am not into any group, I dread spamming, I don’t see myself creating one”.

As the Podcast journey was starting to evolve, folks like Sunil, Anoop, Rohit & Nash connected with me out of the blue. They were very appreciative about this whole thing.

I then created a group for the 5 of us and called it I❤️ARR. Little did I know that this will turn into a community later.

The journey has been magical. What makes the community awesome are the members.

Every new member goes through a initial conversation with me and then gets on-boarded into the community. This is only to ensure we attract the right kind of tribe in the community. The community has been built with integrity. It is to ensure that it doesn’t get disturbed.

The whole objective of this community is to spread love and happiness, of course with the help of Sir’s music which is helping us all as a tool to heal from everything that’s going on in this world.

The members who join this community, are complete strangers, they just trust this 3 letter word “ARR”. It is our duty to ensure that this trust is not broken.

It is also our duty to ensure that every member feels safe (No compromises here). Everyone is going through a battle of their own. The last thing we want is they are getting to deal with another problem arising out of this community for any reason. We also have some members who are finding positivity in life only in this community.

Yes, we do have the guidelines in place. It has evolved over the last few months. The guidelines are in place for a reason, which is most importantly safety.

I am aware we are making it very evident with our frequent announcements about the guidelines. This is to ensure that the community continues to be the safe place and helps us spread positivity / love and also brings a smile. Guidelines is here to stay.

I hope this post explains the need for the guidelines and we continue to inspire each other within the community whilst the only objective of the community remains intact which is to spread love & happiness.

Be kind, keep smiling and stay awesome

Thanks for being part of this journey. This is your community.

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