Rahmanism & me

Venkataraman (left)

My journey

1992 – I was just abt 10 years old. I don’t remember listening to much music those days. Shortly after the release of Roja, the movie songs started airing on the Oliyum Oliyum program. I remember my grandfather listening to the Chinna Chinna aasai song and surprised to realize our new Colour TV has an amazing audio quality!! Before each song on the Oliyum Oliyum program, they display the movie name, the director and the musicc director name. That’s when I first came to know the name ஏ ஆர் ரகுமான். Little that I knew back then how much would that name, his music and the person himself would play a major part in my coming years. The first song I fell madly in love with was Oorvasi Oorvasi from Kaadhalan. Even now when I listen to the opening Marhaba bit, I roll back to my childhood days. Kaadhalan was the first casette my father bought for us…er…we had to get a casette player too 🙂
The madness continued with his other movies and ARR is the first person i became a fan of. My younger sister followed suit. Together we have had great memories of running reruns of the song casettes we get again and again. Our best memory till date associated with Rahman is travelling to Delhi to catch our first live on concert in Nov 2007. I had to say no to an office onsite opportunity for that, but it was worth it.
From Chale Chalo to pep me up, Vellai Pookkal to calm me down there are loads of songs for each mood that travels with me on all playlists I create. From music when I started learning about the person that is Rahman, it was a revelation. His journey into music, his achievements, his popularity and still maintaining a level head and being humble is a lesson for any generation. 
Fan moment – first time I met him in person on his birthday. I had been rehearsing what to say for atleast 2 hours before I walked through his gates of his home into his office. I barely could manage a smile when I saw him. Tongue tied would be an understatement. Sir pointed out I was having the pen in my shirt pocket when I was just looking at him and my hands were all over my body searching for it 😂
Rahman and his music has managed to unite his fans worldover. A world without borders. Glad to be part of this mad fan group 🙂