I Love ARR – Episode 1 featuring Sreekanth Hariharan

Welcome all to my brand new episode of the I Love ARR Podcast.

I am Chander from Melbourne, Australia. Today we have one of the very well renowned singer from India Sreekanth Hariharan.

Sreekanth is playback singer in the Tamil and the Malayalam music industry in India.
Sreekanth is multi-talented, he also plays violin.

I have had the privilege of spending time with Sreekanth during my recent trip to India. I feel very grateful for the amazing friendship we share.

Let’s go ahead and hear it from the man himself behind the very popular number Unakaaga from the blockbuster movie Bigil.

I am grateful to you wholeheartedly Sir (A.R.Rahman)


Podcast with Sreekanth

Hope you all enjoyed listening / watching this episode with Sreekanth.
I am still mesmerised with his amazing voice. He has magic in it.
I would like to say a big Thank you to AR Sir for everything. I think it was because of his music and very kind gesture in his recent concert in Trichy I was blessed to make some amazingly talentend friends for life.
I am really looking forward to speaking to more and more ARR fans and artists in the future.
Please do subscibe to my Podcast for the latest updates.
Lastly I would also like to say a big Thank you to my good friend Jag here in Australia for inspiring me to start this Podcast.
Thank you

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