This is going back right from the Roja days when I was back in school. One of my friends in the school once said to me, “hey Chander, you need to listen to the music from a movie called Roja”. He even gave me the audio cassette and let me borrow it.

I went back home and played it, should I mention I was totally blown away right from the very first chord. Something happened right from the very first sound. I have never been able to explain what it was since then.

I would be one of the first to get the soundtrack of any new release. I still remember going to a music store on Brigade Road (Bangalore) called Music World, I would just blindly buy the Compact Discs (expensive back then), I wanted to ensure that even the tiniest sound in the soundtrack shouldn’t be missed out and I wanted “lossless quality” then.

This continued for years and years and I had his entire Discography in compact discs in India. I would never be bored of listening to his music.

Episode 1: Sreekanth Hariharan

Episode 2: Bamba Bakya