FIRDAUS Studio By A.R.Rahman

Firdaus Studio

Two years of hard work behind the making of Firdaus Studio.
This is now one of the iconic studios of the world.

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Pathuthala on Amazon Prime

This is a blogpost that I just couldn’t resist writing soon after I noticed that Pathuthala was out on Prime. Ok! First things first! What an amazing soundtrack. The songs have been out of the world. When Namma Satham released, it was on a loop for over a week! When I say a loop, the…

Spotify Australia Meet up 🙂

This is a blogpost that was imminent after yesterday’s Spotify’s Creators Meet up. It has been a while since my last blogpost. I just couldn’t resist writing one after the Spotify meet up. Thank you to all the fans who have been supporting my journey by consuming the Podcast Firstly, I would like to say…

I❤️ARR Community with Aditya Modi at the Firdaus Studio