FIRDAUS Studio By A.R.Rahman

Firdaus Studio

Two years of hard work behind the making of Firdaus Studio.
This is now one of the iconic studios of the world.

From the blog – Firdaus Studio series

FIRDAUS Studio Series – Part 1

Dubai has a new pilgrimage. FIRDAUS Studio by A.R.Rahman Firdaus is the Heaven on earth. Every minute spent here, I felt like it’s aura is liberating my soul and elevating my energy.  Yes, I had the privilege of touring the Firdaus Studio – envisioned by A.R.Rahman; turned into reality by Aditya Modi ! Thank you […]

FIRDAUS Studio Series – Part 2

Firdaus Studio is a new landmark in Dubai Rahman sir has been a big part of my life even before i knew it. I believe that there is a piece of my soul in his and his in mine. We take each other along wherever we go. That’s the only possible explanation to why I […]

FIRDAUS Studio Series – Part 3

It’s not a moment to be cherished but an experience to be relived in memories forever. We were all flabbergasted to just stand and walk around the place where the man himself was there What a day!! An exclusive tour and being one of the first public people to have entered and experience the vision […]

I❤️ARR Community with Aditya Modi at the Firdaus Studio