I❤️ARR Community Guidelines

We are building this community to spread love and happiness. We need this more in the current times that we are living in. We also need to ensure we respect each other’s privacy whilst we are on this journey.

Be friendly to each other.

Spread love.

Be kind.

Everyone is on a battle. Respect each other.

Experience the magic.

Do contribute in the group. Try not to be a silent spectator :).

No piracy – Please don’t promote piracy by sharing audio files/links to mp3’s / flac / music bits in the community group.

No promotions / advertisements of any kind.(Includes charity driven).

No private messaging Or Adding members as contacts.

Collaboration idea?
– Please discuss with Chander first. (Contact directly or email: chander@ilovearr.com)
– Any successful collaboration between the members of the community we would like to request you to please include the I❤️ARR Community logo. This can be found in the Community group description .P.S: This is only to showcase to the world the power of our community :).

Music quizzes / games – We have a dedicated group for quizzes / games. You are allowed to share bits of interludes / bgm’s only as part of the quiz sessions. (P.S: No audio sharing in the Community group).

Avoid the Initiation of unnecessary debates within the community. The goal of our community is to spread love not hate.

Please avoid COVID 19 topics which can possibly trigger anxiety & negativity in these uncertain times. There is enough news available all over the media.

No Bullying.

No requests for celebrity contacts / favours.

No spams.