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The fans have poured out the love for the magic

I❤️ARR Community

Thank you for the magic Sir. It’s a trip to heaven having gone in an infinite loop with the tracks. Love you Sir.

Chander (I❤️ARR)

As ARR starts talking about Ragamalika and how the thought of different phrases set to different ragas, I can already feel a mixed set of emotions from a distance. I first played the track at 4 am in the morning and trust me, while waiting for the sun, I did feel chills listening to the song, evoking different emotions within. There’s an immense amount of pain in the song, that’s overflowing. Emotions that are so scattered that they overflow as they please, without any bars, without restraint, and with tears.

Akhil (KM student)

Huge fan of ARR sir , not a day passes by without listening to any of his songs.


Love you to the Moon and Back for one epitomic album once again 🤍

When I heard Chaka Chak, my 3 year old started chanting “Haay chaka-chak chak-chaka chak hai too” for three days in a row which usually doesn’t happen with ARR sir since it takes quite a time to get into us but on the contrary this hits different picked by generations of all times, ofcourse we realised sleepless nights here 🤍

After the Jukebox my first was Tera Rang 🎶
Holding all happy tears, he brings a soulful and unalloyed peace every time and all I could feel is Godliness in his music. He is honest-to-goodness and this is what I could feel about Tera Rang. It’s a straight blessing to all of us from the deity 🤍

Tera Rang is still not yet over to learn all its nuances and finally moved to Little Little for some time now

This is pure intelligence and what not in this to mention about. All the instruments playing from the start, such a clarity of what is used and where promptly. Excellent arrangements as always from the maker, we are too short to talk about such an A-class album and I haven’t moved to third track as I am left to learn more about these two🤍


Catchy songs and pure gem Rait zara si. Each and every song make crazy to hear on Loop mode


This year Rahman sir releases lot of soundtracks and singles. But this soundtrack is very special to me , I m singing the songs all the day but it can’t get enough to me. I know there is special song of everyone’s from this movie and other movies too. And I have special song too from this movie and the song is Tumhein Mohabbat this song stands from other songs in this movie. This song have all the emotions which anyone can feel when they are feeling low . And the second one is Tera Rang which is everyone’s favourite and it’s looping song it plays whole day . I forgot telling that this soundtrack is like rainbow 🌈 it has seven songs like seven colours in rainbow. In music there are seven raagas Sa, Re , Ga , Ma , Pa , Dha , Ni and there are seven songs in the movie too . So all I can say is this soundtrack is very special to me and I hope for others also . Because these recent years Bollywood music is becoming like hell . So there is only one hope which is called The AR Rahman and he is the one who’s music are still fresh, which stands out from crowd. Even in this pandemic where whole world is fitting from unseen enemy , but even in this pandemic sir is providing us such a beautiful songs which is working as medicine for us and indicating us that is hope . I have so much to say but I can’t describe in words . I only say is thank you so much sir for providing us such a beautiful soundtrack called Atrangi Re .. which is working as medicine and helps us to be happy . Because I have lost my father last year and your music is the only support . When I m feeling low .. I play your music . So thank you sir . All love no hate❤.

Aditya Vishwakarma

First of all I need to thank AR Rahman saab for giving us musical treats every time we need them! AR Rahman sir has always been my favourite and will always be!
When sir first announced about the movie Atrangi re on his IG back in 2020, I was super amazed and was really excited for the soundtrack since when I watched and listened to tunes in the teaser it had a melodical tune of Rait zara si track and I just got hooked for that tune itself!
I’ve been waiting for this soundtrack and sir as usual didn’t disappoint me either! There is a beautiful cast in Atrangi re and sir’s soundtrack is going really well with the characters! “Little little” for Dhanush sir, ” Chaka chak” for Sara ma’am and “Garda” for Akshay Kumar sir and the rest of tracks are purely magical! Rait zara si has been running in my head along with the track Tere rang! I also shouldn’t forget the amazing track Tumhein mohabbat hai sung by Arijit Singh! Toofan si kudi is also one wonderful song to groove on and I just haven’t come out of my favourite track Rait zara si yet! I just have no words to describe sir’s wonderful magical tracks and if I have to, I would have to write a book of course! 😄
The soundtrack of Atrangi re is pure magic and I would love to thank once again to AR Rahman sir for giving us musical treats continuously for three decades! 🤍
Thank you!

Rifath Fouz

ATRANGI RE ALBUM (an emotionally connected and a life changing album)

Okay!! This is going to sound like as if I am exaggerating, but I am not.

Every Musicians, composers, programmers, etc. have had faced beat block or producers block, a situation where they lack creativity and interest to produce a music. Similarly, I was suffering the Producer’s block for the past couple of months. I used to work on my own compositions, programme and arrange my songs, but its been a very long time since I did something. My work kept me hooked on the other side and I was turning into a workaholic .I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do anything in music.

Finally after waiting for almost 2 years, the ATRANGI RE album got released on 6th of December,2021. I had the usual excitement about the album like any other music lovers and hardcore Rahmaniacs . I was already going crazy with the song CHAKA CHAK, and was in a loop ever since the song got released.
After listening to the whole album, I was very emotional and I didn’t know what magic it created in me, that I got relieved from my producer’s block .I started getting a lot of new ideas and hopes for my songs, that I have proposed to do. I never knew that this album would make a change to my problem, that I was worrying about. All the songs were emotionally connected or i could say that it was a package of songs that compliments a person mood. And only a true genius and master like Rahman sir could make wonders. Like his any other previous compositions, this album, ATRANGI RE, is an open encyclopedia to learn and understand a lot of things that is happening in each and every songs. Keep Digging in to each songs, and you could listen to various aspects of that song. I can’t make a choice about my favorite track from this album and that really it is complicated to pick one . I have been repeatedly playing all the songs, and not able to get out of this TIME LOOP.

Its indeed a blessing to live in this era of ARR.
THANKYOU FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL ALBUM and this keeps motivating me and pushing me to work even harder in my music.


Unnikrishnan R

Thank you ARR sir. You are blessed by God and we are blessed to be fortunate to grow up listening to your music. I loved Tumhein Mohabbat hai, it’s my favourite track on the album. Kudos to the team as well, brilliant production, a trademark of any ARR song. Every I listen to ARR I end up contemplating, about the brilliance of ARR’s music and purity of his slow. Peace be upon ARR sir and his team. 


A very bag fan of AR Rahman Sir, all the tracks of atrangi re are awesome. Very fresh songs, blessed to hear great compositions.

Afsar H

Each and every song takes me to an another universe which is so calm and serene !


Okay, so the whole album is my favourite this year. My most favourite songs have to be Tumhein Mohabbat, Rait Zara Si, Garda & Chaka Chak. The newness in this album, each song has its own story to tell, which is so rare in films these days, not just in Indian films, anywhere in this world, and to do that for an entire album is something only Mr. Rahman can do. Tumhein Mohabbat & Rait Zara Si actually stopped me from running away from feeling certain things for a certain someone, feelings, I had been burying deep somewhere inside it, all of it came out once I heard Tumhein Mohabbat, it’s crazy how music can do that. Rait Zara Si caresses those feelings and as someone who has been fascinated with circus since a kid, Garda gives me that feeling, the one I had felt as a kid when I first saw a circus, the unbridled joy of theater. So amazing! And Chaka Chak is something so infectious, i find myself listening to it every now and then, and i love it. A great album by Mr Rahman, take a bow sir :’)

Aryak M

As the title says , we are really “ATRANGIFIED”

My first pick and the one song which I am currently inclined too is


Use of flute , chorus and string chords in the track and the folk sounds gives us goosebumps and takes us on a journey which feels like heaven .

It would take time to move to next tracks as I always listen song by song whenever it comes to ARR sirs album .

This album is set to rule for years to come .

Lot more to say !!! Let me save it for other tracks


Jagan K

This album is a killer album in every sense possible! Having been an ARR fan all my life, I was way too excited for the audio launch of this album like every other time. Undoubtedly I loved everything that was a part of the audio launch and the album. But there was one track which is not letting me move ahead and Tere Rang it is 😭 I so badly want to move ahead and listen to the magic that this human has done in the other songs, but this song isn’t letting me do that! I’ve been listening to it on an infinite loop for sooo long now and I think ill never be sick of it :”)) Just amazed at how sir ARR can come up with fresh, brilliant, enticing and addictive stuff every single time! This is something beyond normal because I believe it is humanely impossible 🙂 He’s been sent down for music and for us and this album just justifies my statement in my knowledge ! So folks, this was THE SONG for me in the album Atrangi Re! But yes, the other songs like Tumhein Mohabbat, Rait Zara Si and Toofan si kudi are all equally wonderful! (Like obviously:”))
This magic that has been created in tumhein mohabbat is just beyond comprehension, musically! I can just say that sir ARR is the only man who can bravely experiment such classical stuff in a film like Atrangi Re and still make it so beautiful, significant and amazing.

I would like to thank sir ARR for this lovelyyyy album just like every other music album that he’s ever made! The learning from this album too has been humongous.
Love you ARR,
Forever his fan girl,

Bharathi R

Iconic music album ofcourse. But specially Tere Rang and Tumhein Mohabbat are my personal favorites. Also the sir’s version of Tumhein Mohabbat in the audio launch event was beyond magical. A goosebump moment ❤ Can’t get over these two songs specially. Just loved it. Magical album as a whole✨ New benchmark has been set by the sir which no can break except sir himself 💯

Helly S

Totally loved it and it’s amazing to see such an unbelievable blend of North and South Indian film music pulled off so effortlessly yet again by the Maestro. It’s one of his best albums in the last 5 years.. While everyone feel they are atrangified I thought atrangi re got Rahmanified.. love you sirrrrr. **loveyou3000** #revivalofsoulfulhindimusic


Tumhein Mohabbat is my most favourite track. It is simple yet elegant and yet soul-stirring. I love Tere Rang (does it really need a reason? I mean how can you not like it.) Rait Zara Si takes me through a magical world and of course, my favourite singer Shashaa’s performance was the icing on the cake. Little Little, is a surprise favourite. It does some magic and I can’t really express it.


Chaka Chak – The Magic of ARR and Shreya Ghoshal 🔥 what else need to describe when they are together for a song 🔥 The sound arrangment and The vocal are superb..

Little Little – what a track and the sounds. Love the dhanush voice in this song and the sound beats of end.. Mass 🔥

Tere Rang- Bliss ❤ Am still struck with the song and am listening this one while typing too. Haricharan and Shreya Ghoshal combination ❤ Am always wondering how she does the magical whether the song is like chaka Chak or Tere Rang Shreya always give the perfection and soul for the song. Thank you ARR sir making her to sing this one.

Tum Hein mohabbat – am watched and repeated the ARR sir version. Am speechless and Goosebumps when sir performed in live. After that I listened once in Arijit Singh version. The song is bundle of emotion.

Not yet listen the other tracks fully. Currently am struck with Tere Rang. ❤

Thank you ARR sir for the #AtrangiRe ❤

Surendhar S

Sleepless night from yesterday all songs are on loop … amazing album …we are all just blessed to hear these creations from sir and exist in his era ..what an album which has all types of musics in it ..melody , Hindustani , classic , folk everything at its best …pure MAGIC and we are all Thankful from bottom of our heart to sir for all this ❤❤❤❤🙏🙏 Love ARR like anything


Irshad sir’s & AR sir’s combo is lethal as always for music lovers. The track Chaka chak is growing on me like several other tracks of ARR.
‘Garda ‘is one hell of a song in terms of composition and the energy.
‘Tujhme mohabbat hai’ and ‘Rait zara si” are on loop for now. Such great melodies.
High time to bring Irshad sir on the podcast

Anand J

Atrangi Re Means Something Similar to Magical and more as I got to knw,
Yes It is Full of magical Tunes and Compositions yeah that’s usual to ARR Sir & Team but This is something Big, Fresh to ears of Music Lovers and Bollywood.
Let’s come to my favourite
Which is my favourite Song of this album 🤔🤔🤔🤔 no never I cannot guess anything for now coz just now dived in to Musical Ocean of ThalaivARR as a music lover and fan of ThalaivARR need more time to come to stable decision which song is my favourite and that could come aftr many years later but for now I would say my favourite is whole album coz this album has more genres and different kind of treatments in Choosing Vocals, Choosing Raags, Choosing instruments and Arrangements. yes as ThalaivARR said
He and His team worked hard Yes we could feel it When I listene to the Magical Album
thr is saying By Simon Sinek
“Working Hard For Something we don’t care about is Called Stress
Working hard for something we love is called Passion ” ARR already told that in his old interviews that Music Is His Passion.
he’s doing with love and passion so we can feel its soul.
Some extra Mojo
Still I cannot decide which song is best in Rockstar Album so magics need some time to build in to hearts
Thank You ARR Sir For everything
May Almighty Bless You To Live Long with Healthy Life
Thank You Chander And I❤ARR Community For this opportunity Proud To Be A Rahmaniac and Proud To Be A Member In I❤ARR Community


All the songs with beautiful melody showing seven different emotions and colours of love. To pick one song from this beautiful album is the toughest task, but to start with I’ll choose “chakka chak” as this was the first track which we all heard (as it was released first). This song is a beautiful wedding track and the way Shreya ma’am has sung the song with all the nakhre and harkats it’s just amazing. I basically liked the second half of the song where it says ” mujhe tumhare nakhre wakhre pyaare hain…” One of the best track of sir for wedding season.

Now coming to the next track i.e, ” rait zara si” it’s magic. Anand sir said during the audio launch that this song is the “soul of the movie”. I had goosebumps when I first heard this song. It’s a beautiful song with Shasha ma’am and Arijit sir’s voice ( those humming portion) making the song all the more beautiful.

Irshaad sir’s words with sir’s music, this combination is heaven. Everytime they work together, they create magic something which just cannot be expressed in words. This is what I felt after listening to ” Tumhein mohabbat”. Those guitar portions 😍….. every string has something special about it.

After tumhein mohabbat the song which was on loop was “tere rang”. The beginning of the song has the touch of Gujarati folk songs ( if I am not wrong) and the flute portions after that is just out of the world. And the sargams towards the end of the song is ❤. Beautiful combination of Hari sir and Shreya ma’am’s voice. It’s like a blessing for our ears to hear such melodies song.
As we all know sir never forgets to make us tap our feets, so in this album too there is an amazing upbeat dance track ” Garda”. Sir has an amazing talent of using simple words or phrases as the hook of the song this is what he has done in this too..”Garda udaa diya” . He has beautifully brought the north Indian tadka in the album through this song. And Daler paaji’s voice is like a roar of lion, perfect voice for perfect song.
“Love me little little little…” a fun song which brings back the childlike feeling in me ( may differ for rest). Sir has perfectly used Dhanush sir and hiral ma’am’s voice. I start grooving when I listen to this song. And one more amazing track ” toofan si kudi” sung by one of the finest singer and guitarist Rashid Ali ( hope you remember kabhi kabhi aditi, nazar laaye and many more beautiful tracks).
After talking about all the songs, I don’t think it would be easy to choose one, whole album is iconic. Every song has different emotions and feelings which just cannot be expressed in words it can only be felt. This is what is the magic of AR sir everytime we listen to a song it just takes us to some other world. Its like a slow poison…it grows on you with every listen. Sir has also removed the barrier of North and South through his music, he unites us with his music.
I can never imagine a world without his music. His music is like oxygen for all of us. Thankyou sir for making such beautiful songs ,your music has saved many lifes it’s like a support and motivation for all of us. And thankyou Chander for making I ❤ ARR family the place where we can express ourselves and share our feelings about sir and his music.
We love you sir


I certainly get Atrangified every time ARR Sir walks into the Hindi film industry and infuses a breath of fresh air with his quality and originality. My top 3 favorite tracks would be “Tumhein Mohabbat Hai,” “Little Little,” & “Tere Rang.”
Tumhein Mohabbat hai – this is a soul-stirring song; apart from its beautiful poetry, ARR Sir effectively communicates incompleteness and ensures our souls ask for more.
“Little Little” – A song that takes you on two journeys with the same music. 1) A time travel giving the feels of “Odakkara Maarimuthu (Indira)” & “Kulicha Kuthalam (Duet).” 2) A World trip with its magical interludes and peppy rhythms that start with an international flavor but towards the end ensure most of India shakes a leg with the unique North-South dance face-off ending it on a fantastic high.
Lastly, “Tere Rang” – Truly Classical, Simply out of the world! The little said, the better !!
Salutes to ARR and his fantastic team, wishing the album shatters all records.

Aditya R

Atrangi Re is purely a pick of the album and it’s totally a new sound again. Each song has its own color of beauty which Sir never fails to express 😀👍🏻. My favourite is Tumhein Mohabbat ❤🎶 this song got a real life which stay inside my whole brain humming silently 🤣 …

Tamil V

All know that sir’s songs slow poison. But this album settled in my heart only the live concert itself. After the concert heard the alhum full and fallen for this man again. No words pure magical experience only.