Happy Birthday Alphons We❤️ARR

The amazing I❤️ARR community would like to wish the amazing rock star we know.

Thank you Shweta for your very kind gesture to send an exclusive video to wish Alphons. This is the greatest surprise he could have got. The I❤️ARR absolutely adores you.


Hello Alphons Sir, I recently saw the movie Varane Avashyamund and I loved the soundtrack, such delicate balance of fine Carnatic music and a certain playful elements that fits the story! I also love Aromale, you gave it a rare soulful, almost meditative quality that makes it so special for me. I wish you many many happy returns of the day! Thank you for all your music!


Dear Alphons! Have an Awesomatic of the Aaromale birthday 🎂🎉💕 May god bless you with good health and bless us all with more of your music – Varsh n Hari


A very happy birthday, Alphonse. Have a brilliant year ahead and be gifted.
Loads of love from,


Dear Alphons

Wishing you a truly wonderful birthday. May this year bring you even more glory and an abundance of happiness. Keep spreading your music and your love.

e-greeting: Happy Birthday


Alphonse Sir , I still remeber you as a judge in the reality show Super Star in Amrita TV along with Deepak Dev when I was 8 year old. At that time I didn’t know who you are. After having listened to Aaromale being a Rahmaniac I searched about you and learned about you. Thanks for giving such wonderful album’s 🙏and the recently released Varane Avashyamund album . I have no words to say about that soundtrack. Your music elevated the film to an another level. All the tracks in that movie was equally amazing. I hope you would win atleast a State award for your work .

Wishing you a A Happy Birthday 🎂🎂🎉 Alphonse Chetta . I hope you would do more malayam movies and will give us great soundtracks.😊

Alphonse Sir , I have a small request could u share the pics of Velithira audio lauch where ARR was present . Madly waiting to see that pics 😍


Dear Alphonse, wishing you a Happy and God Blessed Birthday. Have an absolutely fantastic day and year ahead.


A very happy birthday to you sir. Your voice totally soulful from aromale song. Stay blessed and healthy. Love you sir❤️


Dear Alphons,

Wish you a very happy birthday. Hope this year of yours turns out to be the best for you and us through your music. Have always been your fan since Aaromale and now even more with your Varane Avashyamund album. Keep raising your bar high and stay blessed.



Happy Birthday Alphons!! From the podcast I got to know you better and you are a very humble and genuine person. Love your enthusiasm for keeping everyone entertained and in a great mood. You have us all in a trance when we listen to Aaromale. Stay the same. Loads of love – Raguram


Happy birthday Alphons Chetta , thanks for mesmerising me with your Aromale .. cannot even tell you how many times I have heard Aromale , should have easily crossed 1000 times ..:) wishing you happiness, good health and wealth always bro 🙂

Kuriakose Antony Joseph

Very happy birthday Alphonse joseph sir.Thanks for the soulful aaromale voice🤍.God bless you to do more with Rahman sir.Waiting for the magic combo again ..once more very happy birthday sir


Happy Birthday Alphons Uncle. Be Happy.


Alphons you are one of the nicest guys I have met. Thank you so much for this amazing friendship we share.It has been an absolute privilege knowing you.

Happy Birthday!