Pathuthala on Amazon Prime

This is a blogpost that I just couldn’t resist writing soon after I noticed that Pathuthala was out on Prime.

Ok! First things first! What an amazing soundtrack. The songs have been out of the world. When Namma Satham released, it was on a loop for over a week! When I say a loop, the same song plays every single day in repeat mode. And to be honest it used to get a lot of heads turnaround whenever I played it in my car during my drives.

Ninaiviruuka is another magical track. Ameen has done an outstanding job. This is a super magical track that will grow on you. In ARR fans terms “a slow poison” . It will get into your head and you just cannot get it out.

I have been keen to watch the movie especially for the song picturisation and the background score. I was pleasantly surprised that it showed up on Amazon Prime a few days ago.

Even before I played the movie, I noticed that the movie was available in a number of languages like Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and the original Tamil. This really got me curious, I jumped straight into the dubbed versions only to check what were done to the songs. This really shocked me. The dubbed versions clearly wasn’t legit. Random singers, badly produced, and ultimately ruining the original work. Why would someone do this ? I really would like to question the makers of the movie, was this really in the contract ? why would you do something like this ? A lot of hard work goes behind the creative process of every single sound that comes out of the Panchathan studio. I know how hard the Sir and the Engineers work day and night. They sacrifice their normal life & sleep to create something amazing for us as music listeners.

What were the makers thinking by getting these dubbed versions done and also breaching the contract ? The outcome of this act is very disappointing. The impact of this is, that not everyone would be aware that Tamil is the original and will get carried away with the available dubbed versions which aren’t legit.

Can I please request the makers of the movie to address this and most importantly apologise for this act.

Dubbing the songs without consent and is not acceptable.

I would like to request the fans to please ignore the dubbed versions and only go for the original which is Tamil.

😦 Not happy writing this post. Sir’s music means the world to us all. Really can’t tolerate something like this that ruins the creation.

One response to “Pathuthala on Amazon Prime”

  1. Well Written Chander. Apt and to the point.
    As a fan we just cannot let magical songs get ruined just for a business sake.

    Sirs songs are heaven and it has to be treated the way it should.

    Hoping that makers take a note of this and do something.


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