Ten years of Rockstar | Podcast with Imtiaz Ali

my phone was flooded with what’s app messages

Sai Kavya

One fine morning, my phone was flooded with what’s app messages expressing they are excited and thrilled. I had no clue what was happening. When the chats were scrolled down, I found an announcement by Chander. The golden words were:
“The 98th podcast – Imtiaz Ali (Director of great movies especially Rockstar, Highway, Tamasha- for all ARR sir’s fans). This is such a great feast to the ears, eyes, and hearts of the ARR fans as we get to know sir’s greatest and all-time famous records right before his very own podcast. It was like a trailer to a humongous movie. Interestingly, this got released exactly 10 years later the “Rockstar” was released.

Rahman sir always mentions, “God is great”.

What a beautiful coincidence as somebody has really planned for it. Well, that’s why Rahman sir always mentions, “God is great”.
“ROCKSTAR” – The cult classic. All these years the movie inspired us, influenced and impacted us. The
music is still stirring our souls. The songs have become love anthems, slogans to the youth and soul purifiers. These were witnessed again when the what’s app and Instagram stories were flooded with announcement to Imtiaz Ali’s podcast. It was like the movie is getting released again. That’s how it has impacted people, made them nostalgic. After 10 long years we were getting to hear the creator talk about the experiences, stories and the effort behind every gem that was procured from the mastery of these geniuses.
The Excitement what our dear host was an absolute reflection of our feelings. When he talked about his first meeting with sir in the old Panchathan, I walked through my imagination. It was quite surprising to know how sir was so keen and excited to work on project even after 5 years of initial discussion. That first meet, first words spoken, the Persian quote that was quoted which puzzled sir, the vibe he gives,
the aura he carries everything narration has enthralled me.

While we were lost in the music of “Rockstar” we found..

While we were lost in the music of “Rockstar” we found a new world in the music of “Tamasha”. I have personally heard people saying that they watched movie only because of the ARR and Imtiaz Ali combination. People were literally dancing for the matargasthi song in the theatre. It has become a trend a to dance for the “tanga a tanga ton ton”. We all could related to story so well as pursuing passion is still an unfulfilled desire to many of us. The bold attempt that Imtiaz makes in his movies about the open secrets of the society is always breath-taking.
Talking about the experiments he does with his stories; highway was such fresh subject, and we get to hear a never heard composition like “Pattaka guddi” which is my personal favorite. I was so obsessed with this track, always wanted to know how they recorded it, sung it and the stories behind it.
Of all the thrills and chills, one thing that I feel jealous about would be the opportunity to listen to the gibberish singing our dear ARR. I really wish I could have the chance of listening to all of them. I am crossing my fingers and wishing that sir should accept our request only with a hope that your words
gave me- “You can’t say NO, before you say Yes”. I really appreciate you for making Pattaka guddi song with sir. It is a great boon to watch sir in videos like this, a true blessing.
I would take this moment to thanks for the extremely great subject you choose, for working with our beloved sir, making him try tasty cuisines like Kashmiri, making him experience the hospitality, love and affection from such lovely people, thank you for adoring him and sharing you experiences with us so
that we have the privilege . Thank, you. EPI.

Sai Kavya

I❤️ARR Community

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