ARR- A Complete man

It was back in 2008, during my winter vacation, one of those breezy winter nights

It was back in 2008, during my winter vacation, one of those breezy winter nights, sitting in balcony and listening to FM the then “Spotify” which determined our playlist has played a never heard tune. That tune surprised me, gave me immense joy. I was jumping with happiness and that sound took me to a roller coaster rides into my fantasy world. Well, that magical tune was “Yeh Haseen Wadiyan”-sung by SPB sir and Chitramma. I could recognize the singers as they were part of our Telugu households but wondered from which movie it was. Being an 8 th class student, I had no idea who music composers were, when I enquired about the song people referred it either a Mani sir’s song or a song from Roja.

Days passed by, my question about the creator was left untouched, unattended and unanswered. I believe Universe always has its own ways to surprise us. That year the nation was celebrating a movie called “Slumdog millionaire” and was praising and chanting a name called “AR Rahman” winning 2 Oscars. As a tribute all his great compositions were played and guess what I got to listen to my magical tune and not only that I got to listen to all of his other compositions which were already part of my life
since childhood whether its “Vande Mataram”, “Mukkala”; “humma Humma”, “Pappu can’t dance saala”, “Kabhi kabhi aditi” and the list goes on.

Rahman sir ruled my musical sense

Since then, Rahman sir ruled my musical sense, exploring his songs listening to them has become part of life. While his music was inspiring us to achieve excellence, his personality has influenced me during my darkest failures. I was disgusted by the failure in my CA journey and was deprived of success and motivation. That is when I got to watch all of his interviews. I started making note of all his teachings, experiences in a diary. His music and his words were always there whenever I wanted any solution, he is
always the person whom I look up to and seek a solution. That’s why I have always considered sir as my “Mortal guru”.

Sir plays a special role in life

Sir plays a special role in life. It is always a thrill to wait for his album to get released, understand his compositions, getting to hear new sounds and tunes, celebrating his success when he wins any honors for most of his compositions, hearing his songs played for every occasion or event that happens in every household, every street and every street of the nation, watching his award and tribute ceremonies over and over again, feeling proud that his original compositions are re-played in Hollywood movies, saving pocket money and asking for advance month pocket money from parents to attend his Hyderabad concert and to many many many more experiences.

In this hobby of covering all his interviews

In this hobby of covering all his interviews by him and about him I came across “I love ARR” podcast by Shanker Mahadevan sir. I was trying to recollect where I have seen the host. After a breaking my head for long I could recollect that I saw a man who named his car after ARR sir and claims himself to be the greatest fan and now interviewing people. Ironically, I have created an ARR highlight on my Insta with this host’s picture as my first ARR posts around 2 years back. I was thrilled for another twist in life. Since
then I was following the podcasts, subscribed the channel, followed them on Insta and started talking to the host-Mr. Chander Ram.

It was a fan girl moment

It was a fan girl moment when Chander replied to me on Insta and was kind enough to understand my love for sir and introduced me in the community. Now here comes the googly, I found 300 people crazier than me about sir. It is like an army saying, “WE LOVE ARR”. It is a Lala land to share, express and discuss the boss man – ARR. I was awestruck by minute observations everyone has when the sounding of the songs is concerned, latest updates and releases, honoring sir’s words, adhering his policies,
researching and watching all his movies more than twice just to listen to the tunings and BGM sir composed, exploring about him. Many of us even had the privilege to meet him in person.

It all seems to be like a dream

It all seems to be like a dream. A magical tune has taught me to embrace music and its creator and led to me a fairyland where my God of music is celebrated with purity, unconditional love and praising the Almighty for this beautiful gift to this life- EllaPugazhum Iraivanuke.

Sai Kavya Guduru

I❤️ARR Community

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