Yes I am a Rahmaniac


Everyone knows what the songs and scores of roja did in their lives

Everyone knows what the songs and scores of roja did in their lives. And no wonder it changed my life too forever. With chinna chinna aasai i developed my own aasai to become a musician one day. Born and brought up in kalpakkam, a small scientific community based town with no or less passion towards performing arts, i took the small keyboard available in my school at the age of 11 years. Little did i know that it’s going to change the course of my entire future. With no basic knowledge in music and no one to teach anything i followed his music as a learning tool. Like an eklavya i learnt music by simply following his songs. From petta rap to blending hindustani carnatic raagas with western style of sounds, i learnt. From anbendra mazhaiyile to kun faya kun, i learnt.  Slowly and steadily as i grew older, his music became a part of me. Like many other musicians who idolise him, I too attained an oneness with his music. In one of mtv unplugged he sang “naan yen pirandhen”. But i don’t have that question in my mind as I realised that, to drench in his music is the only purpose of my life now. 
Due to some god’s action plan, I couldn’t pursue music degree and instead ended up in completing engineering. I used to wait for “yaakai thiri” in our hostel PA system and desperately miss my keyboard to try playing it since it was restricted inside hostel. 

I spent three years searching for a gateway to get into musical career

After passing out i spent three years searching for a gateway to get into musical career. I took up an Apple certification in music programming from Audio media, Chennai. There i was able to meet some of sir’s current programmers which was a great learning experience. When i was about to enter a high profile music producer’s team as studio assistant, again i sensed that god has something else in my store. I ended up in a government job(the only interview in attended in 3 years), but never stopped filling myself with his music. I dreamt of becoming his programmer someday and ended up in doing videos of playing his songs in fb as a part of #weekendwitharr series. But i love it as i dedicate that two days only for him 

We all have heard about positive vibe in spiritual places. I had the greatest gift my life by getting a chance to go inside AM studio. I felt a boom hitting my body when the studio doors opened. I didn’t notice that even my eyes welled up without my control. I touched that mixing console and that keyboard where i have seen him sitting in some of videos. I was too emotional to handle that situation. That’s the level of impact he has in my system. His music is within my system and i love it. He’s the sole and soul of my system and I’m proud of it.

Yes I am a maniac, a Rahmaniac and I thank god for it. 

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