All I want is Music


What do I want in my life? Money? No! All I wanted in my life was music

What do I want in my life? Money? No! All I wanted in my life was music, books, and the love of my nephew.I have surrendered myself to ARR’s music when I first experienced the butterfly effect of “Pudhu Vellai mazhai”.Being an introvert, I hate socializing and I keep me to myself with my nephew and ARR being an exception. I never express my feelings to anyone but I somehow felt that ARR’s music listened to my feelings, I listen to his music and his music listens back to my unspoken words. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, I love them both to 12. Then, my nephew turned 5 and when I asked him which song is my favorite, he said “Area maan’s Watch song” which is “Kaalam en kadhaliyo”. I was so happy as my nephew turned out to be an ARR’s fan.Life was great. I had everything. Everything that a happiest man could possibly have. My nephew and ARR.Then, on a cruel day, I lost my nephew. I’m back to nothing. Locked myself, threw my phone away since it was full of my nephew’s pictures.I refused to come out and face the world without my nephew. Five months went by, with no improvement. People started forcing me to express my feelings or I’m in grave danger. I’m still crying while writing this up.The next day, I took my mobile, played “Enga pona raasaa”. Tears started to pour down. I cried and cried and cried. The music seemed to listen and share my pain. I felt someone is patting my shoulder. Then, I started coming out of my room to face the world again. That’s when I got to meet a few nice people through the WhatsApp group ‘I love ARR’ . 

I’m better now and I’ll be okay soon. 

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